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Tigers in Bandhavgarh National Park


Tigers in Bandhavgarh National Park :
The Ruler of the Bandhavgarh reserve, charger was a dominant male tiger. He was a legend and lives life like a superstar. He got his name when he charged at an elephant carrying tourists. He was known for his ferocious roar and the terrible jump. An average life span of tiger is about twelve to fourteen years. There were only few known tigers which had lived up to 15 years but the charger lived up to 17 years. He died in the September month of year 2000.

He was a fearless male and can anytime enter the territory of other tigers. He was having the largest territory in the Bandhavgarh reserve of all time and all the females were his for the taking. When charger got older he was pushed out of the Tala range by his son ( male from his daughter Mohini). When the charger was not sighted in the park the forest officials got worried and some officials guessed that he might have been died during the fight for the territory. Later he was found outside the Tala range. He was then tranquilized by the veterinary doctors to heal his wounds.

After the decisive conflict with B2 Tiger and suffering severe wounds, Charger was put in a enclosure in Magdhi range of Bandhavgarh. He spend his last days in the enclosure at forest once ruled by him. After Charger's death, the place was given name "Charger's Point". We can visit it during safari of Magdhi zone, just close to entrance gate.

Male Dominant Tiger B-2 : The Fight between father and the son marked the end of the ruling King 'Charger' was the son of the three males of Mohini. The Name of the Crown Prince was B2 called by the locals. They were the male sons of Mohini, the most dominant amongst the three was B2. The Other males B1, and B3 was not so much highlighted. B2 ruled the territory of the charger for a long period, while B1 and B3 satisfied themselves with the region outside the Tala range. B-2 inherited with qualities of Charger more than B1 and B3.
B2 was the most aggressive and more romantic amongst the three. B2 had strong likes and dislikes. He just hates the cacophony most what else would describe his utter intolerance of harsh sounds like those of vehicles and motorbikes. He ruled in Bandhavgarh till year 2009. By year 2010, with introduction of new male, several round of fight took place between B2 and new male and finally he left Bandhavgarh forest. He was not seen since long time and almost remain away from core-zone safari area. Finally on 20/Nov/2011, villagers near Ghunghuti region (on border of Bandhavgarh) informed forest department officials about sighting of injured tiger. He was seems got injured about 15-days back. Team of Bandhavgarh Park management reached the site and was tranquillized to take him back to Tala range for treatment. It seems due to old age he didn't sustained with tranquillizer dose and on the way to Tala range, B2 died on the way. He seems to have not been fed since many days. It is painful side of tiger's life. Tigers have to struggle alot in their old age and often died either due to starvation or may get killed by human being in attempt to kill cattle or died in territorial conflict.

Real Incidents related with B2 ( Sept 2002 ) >>> Bansi the driver of Jungle Gypsy
The driver of the jungle diesel Jeep, and was driving from the evening park safari and was passing through the territory of B2. suddenly the tiger B2 Jumps from the grass right in front of the vehicle of Bansi with its ferocious roar. Bansi Just paddled the brake and stopped just a few meter distance from B2. Tiger B2 just came forward and started pounding the vehicle and sat on the road. The tiger B2 sat on the road for about an hour and when he just got bored he walked away in the grass.

B2 is now become old and lazy. Now a days he often intrude into village areas and kill cattle/s and drag them into forest territory, mostly close to water sources where he consumes it and rests peacefully. But killing village cattle could be proved dangerous for him. He still rules the forest but challengers are now challenging his dominance and likely to overpower him very soon.

Male Tiger B1 of Bandhavgarh : He was in contrast with B2, he was a lazy tiger loves to rest and stretches under the cover of the Jamun tree and some times on the bank of his territory. He didnt like to do the hard work for making a kill. He makes a soft target for the kill as he pounced over the park boundary and enters the village of Tala, he kill the grazing cattle and drag it into the park boundary.

Male Tiger B3 of Bandhavgarh : Male Tiger B3 was a romantic tiger like a case nova. he likes the females in heat. A tigress is not in heat when she is tending her cubs. B3 Has not been sighted for many years now and guessed by the forest officials that it had been died.

Bokha: During the safari in Magdhi Zone, if you notice the giant pugmarks of a male tiger, then he will be Bokha Tiger of Bandhavgarh. Bokha rules Magdhi range of Bandhavgarh forest and usually seen in this area. In childhood, during conflict with other tiger, one of his teeth was broken, due to which, he was given name Bokha. He is a healthy male tiger that often had conflicts with current dominating male B2 who rules Tala zone area.

Female Dominant Tigress Sita of Bandhavgarh : The dominated female of bandhavgarh was the mother of all the tigress of bandhavgarh reserve. Sita was having two female and one male tigers. One of the female of Sita was Mohini, has son B1, B2 and B3. The picture shown on the right was of the tigress carrying her cubs. Usually a female tigeress keep her cubs with herself about 18 - 20 Months. During this period the mother makes the prey and feed her cubs.
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